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Insurance quotes from known top rated companies are offered in most states for Life Insurance.  

A word of caution:
Insurance Quote sites "often" do not sell insurance at all. These sites, some of them top ranked on the search engines, sell your information to one or many local agents in your area.
Valid insurance quote sites should display the broker's name and included a listing of the states, the broker is "legally licensed"
and "legally appointed" to conduct business.

Insurance quoting engines:
Life Quotes are in spreadsheet format "by rate class" and "price".

nformed buying decisions:
We offer specific solutions for cash needs and financial responsibilities. Our buyer's guide, and needs calculator help to determine your "true needs" for yourself, family, or business.

So, how much will it cost?
Premiums vary greatly between underwriting classes; therefore,
check your underwriting classification.

Applicants should "always" consider accepting several rate class possibilities when applying with any company.  Actually, only 3-5% of applicants are issued a preferred best
premium rate class .  Exam and lab results as well as past medical history and life style events are critical in an underwriting decision.

Good News!
Underwriters will "always" place an applicant in the best possible rate class after "ALL required information is received and processed. This is true for any rate classification.

The Medical Information Bureau located in Braintree Massachusetts offers industry wide fraud protection services protecting insurers, policyholders and applicants from attempts to conceal or omit information that is material to the sound and equitable underwriting.  



Life Insurance


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Insurance Quotes for Life Insurance

>>  A Licensed Representative will be assigned to your case and will contact you to discuss your options and or take your application.  
■  Life Insurance 

Insurance Quotes
and policies to cover people like us who want coverage from "top rated companies" and the plan choices they provide-

America's most competitive top rated companies-

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Life Insurance Companies' Information and Quotes: 

Our spreadsheet quoting system allows for quick price comparisons! 



■   American General Life
■   Assurity
■   Banner
■   Fidelity Life
■   Genworth
■   ING

■   John Hancock
Liberty Life
■   Lincoln National
■   Life Invertors

■   Met Life
■   North American
■   Old Mutual
Security Mutual  
■   Transamerica
Union Central
West Coast
Western Reserve Life
William Penn

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